Friday, 12 May 2017

800 – 900    Registration

900 – 930    Welcoming Remarks (prof. Dušan Šuput – Dean of Faculty of Medicine Ljubljana, prof. Jože Balažic – Head of Institute of Legal medicine Ljubljana, prof. Eric Baccino – Head of Legal medicine department Montpellier, Zdenka Čebašek Travnik – President of Medical chamber of Slovenia )

930 – 945    Break

 945 – 1115   

Introduction to child physical abuse and sexual abuse  (C. Jones)
Child physical abuse and child sexual abuse epidemiology: prevalence, risk factors, psychopathological and family causes, ….

Diagnosing child physical abuse and child sexual abuse (C. Jones)
Child interwiev and examination practical guidelines: medical assesment and care of children who may have been sexually abused

1115 – 1145  Break

1145 – 1315

Signs of child physical abuse, sexual abuse and types of injuries (C. Jones)
Classification and interpretation of medical findings in suspected sexual abuse: physical findings, behavior changes and overall likehood of sexual abuse

Conditions mistaken for abuse

Accidental vs non-accidental injuries and genital findings in adolescent victims of sexual assault

Expert witness in cases of child sexual abuse

1315 – 1430   Lunch

1430 – 1600

Domestic violence: international and french epidemiology (E. Baccino)

Focus on eldery mistreatment (E. Baccino)

1600 – 1615  Break

1615– 1745

Clinical forensic diagnosis and examination practical guidelines (E. Baccino)

Case reports (E. Baccino)

Saturday, 13 May 2017

830 – 1100

Juvenile pornography and aging minors in general (C. Cattaneo)

Sexual and physical abuse at the SVS eD (Soccorso Violenza Sessuale e Domestica) (C. Cattaneo)

Illustration of models (C. Cattaneo)

1100 – 1115 Break

1115 -1300

Pitfalls in the expertise (C. Cattaneo, E. Baccino)

Case studies: signs, interpretation, legal outcome (C. Jones, E. Baccino, C. Cattaneo)

 1300 – 1430  Lunch

1430 – 1600

Evaluation of sexual abuse in girls within 10-year period (2006-2015) in Slovenia (Štolfa A, Požlep B, Miklič N, Geršak K)

Violence against women in reproductive period (Velikonja Globevnik V, Premru T, Lučovnik M, Verdenik I)

From local to global child sexual abuse and terminology guidelines   (Frangež D)

Missing puzzle to identify and protect sexual abused children in online world (Klančnik AT)


1600 – 1615 Break

 1615 – 1745
Introduction to adult sexual abuse
(C. Jones)
Physical examination, signs and documentation (C. Jones)

1745 Closing Remarks